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August to December 2009:

August 2009:

Our trip in the USA ended the 4th of August, and the last days in New York, you can find under "Jun-Jul.2009" (Later)!


First wiew of Denmark 5th of August 2009, we are so exited...  Family and friends in the Airport.                    



Mette`s parents invited to a party in the garden.



                                                                                                                                                 Maria`s friend Xia came to visit.


Visiting friends, Charlotte and Claus in Humlebæk on the coast north of Copenhagen.                     Good things to be back to: "Kanelsnegle" from the bakery.



Casper 11 years (26/7); party with the family Sunday the 9th of August:



Walking in the forest nearby, "Hareskoven".


First day of school. There is a few butterflyes in the stomachs...


Maria with friends from school.           Alison´s brother Mark came to visit for a few days.        Maria in the kitchen; we stayed in Mette´s parents house for 3 weeks.

Jacob´s Confirmation Party in Mette´s parents garden 22th of August:




Visit from Australia; Matilde with her family - Nella, Tom, Thea, Oscar and Archie. - Visiting the scool.


Casper´s 11th birthday party, together with 2 friends, for the classmates:


Cake and "Rundbold" in the park.


Drinks, games and a swim in Rasmus´garden.


Moving all our things out of Mette´s parents house, back to Rødstensvej...                                                         Maria back in her own room!


September 2009:


One last dinner in the garden before wintertime.                Maria is playing soccer in "HIK".                                    Brunch with family and friends.


Afternoon tea with friends.                                          Casper and Rasmus has been building a "car"....  Casper ready for soccer practice.


October 2009:


Visiting Charlotte and Claus in Humlebæk; it´s Autum-holidays. - A quick cold swim.                                               Coffee outside near the forest.


                                                                                                                            Next day a trip around Gentofte Lake with Torben.


Halloween, that´s getting bigger here in Denmark.


November 2009:


Painting in Maria´s room.                           Maria and her team are getting medals in the soccer club.


Jane and Jens´son was born on the 21th of November 2009, - CONGRATULATIONS! - We have all been waiting SO long.


Jacob´s 15th birthsday:


Party with "the boys"; bowling,                                            Australian cheese and Chillisauce                            - and dinner. The rest, we dont want to know...


December 2009:

Christmas preparations this year has been...;


Making Christmas bisquits and Christmas Cards with the cousins, Karoline and Katrine, - the boys helped a little bit, Rasmus was here too.


Visiting our new baby cousin in the family; Jane and Jens`son came the 21st of November. Maria coming home from school, - the snow is here!!


Our house from the front - and from the backyard,                                                                                          - and our new car (Yes Tim, it IS a FORD...)


Bjarne and his family came to visit for a few days just before Christmas; Casper and Kris was happy to see eachother! We stayed outside in the snow most of the time and had a great and busy long weekend. - We went to Mettes parents place for a short visit before going to the nearby forest.


Going down....                                                                                                                                                   Simon is going very fast!


Margie and Bjarne went with Jens in the water twice.... Yes, it IS snow and ice on the stairways. We live close to Copenhagen.


Outdoor iceskating.                                                                                                                     Hot Chocolate and "Glôgg" in Copenhagen.



Getting the Christmas tree ready....                                                                                                                - and putting in a new fridge.


                                                                                               ens has been making Christmas-hearts (or love-hearts...) with the tyres! 


The 24th of December, Christmas Eve at our own house; Jacob is helping with the goose. Casper and Maria is setting the table. We went to church at 4pm, dinner at 6pm; we were 14 around the table. Then all the presents are placed under the three, we are singing Christmas Carols (and singing "Nu det jul igen, nu det jul igen....", running around the house) and then passing out the presents!



Next day Christmas party at Mettes parents place; more presents - and Santa came by....

Cousin Jonathan and Maria. 


New Year Party at Charlotte and Claus´. - Do you know any of us??


Thank you for the Year of 2009!


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